Providing high quality linen & commercial laundry service since 1915

Millers Linen Service is a complete linen and laundry service company in Western North Carolina. Whether on a rental basis or processing customer-owned goods, we can accommodate all of your linen and laundry needs.

Proud to be a third generation, family-owned and operated business, we remain one of the few local, independent linen service companies in the area.

We offer our customers advantages only an independent can provide:

  • We do not require written contracts; we let our quality and service stand on its own.
  • Our billing is simple and easy to understand with no hidden fees.
  • We have the unique ability to process customer owned goods. If you own your laundry inventory we can process that, too. In fact, nearly half of our customers own their inventory.
  • When we set up a new table linen account, the customer can be assured of receiving back the same linen and not something from general inventory.




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